While in the midst of bachelors like myself and friends, one of my newly married friends looked at one of us and asked pointedly ‘’WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE’’?? At first, the guy in question got angry, then one of us pushed forward a narrative that got everyone thinking, he said his main problem lies not with marriage itself but on the amount of funds involved, he continued by saying what’s even much more worrisome is that it has become very hard and almost near impossible to organize a reception with as little funds as possible.

This is so right considering the situation of the economy these days , even the known alternatives like using local cooks, using church halls, getting one’s friends or siblings to act as MCs and Djs are still not helping issues. This has presented a problem of its own and problems are meant to be tackled and solved.

After some careful research on how to tackle such a problem, we found out easy ways of tackling such a menace online. We have outlined these methods below:

  • Click on goo.gl/9QERV7
  • Go to ‘’FIND DEALS’’
  • Click on weddings
  • Go from one vendor to the other.
  • Pick the one that suits you and then call the number on the site.

In a situation where your location isn’t captured on the platform, call the number on the site and you’ll be attended to..


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