On discussion forums, most people would say, the problem is not getting married, but staying married. Despite the truism in this statement, there sure is another problem to be encountered which might even stall the wedding itself, and that is the problem of planning, organising and shopping for the occasion.

The main evil here is actually the shopping for the occasion. If a problem crops up in any aspect of the preparation, it is immediately and obviously noticeable. When a picture of a wedding couple looks so blurry, no one should tell the onlooker that they hired a poor photographer, if the couple in the picture are looking like they just woke up from the bed or their face depicting an epitome of suffering or looking like they’ve been pumped with air, then it might either be that they simply didn’t bother to hire a makeup artist or they hired a poor one. All of these points to the fact that preparing for a wedding sure has it’s own problems. Every bride’s dream is to have a picture perfect wedding and flaws like this would surely not cut it.

There are so many things to do when planning a wedding (especially if you are having a typical Nigerian wedding) and a lot of it entail shopping.

Unfortunately, not every couple can afford a wedding planner and so they have to visit the market, shops and boutiques themselves.

Most intending couple would first go for the obvious methods of shopping by themselves, hiring local cooks and getting everything by themselves.

This is mostly believed to be cheap and it sometimes actually turns out to be cheap but it entails a whole lot of stress.

If you are in Lagos and you are faced with the looming stress of ‘wedding shopping, some websites have taken the pain to ensure that all the vendors that you need can be easily obtained at no cost.

Here are tips for surviving wedding shopping and help you to scale through with less stress;


Most people have been victims of visiting the market and buying what they never intended to in the first place.

The key to success with any kind of shopping is having a clear list of what you want to buy and sticking to a budget. This would provide a sense of direction and help to achieve one’s aim faster.

    We can always get any and everything required in our local markets, but the challenge lies in the fact that they might be at high prices and there would be any space for one to try multiple vendors. The original versions of these designer fashions items can also be found at local markets and at much cheaper prices than you would find them in the high-end shops.

When planning a wedding, you find that the list of things to do seem endless and usually, you resort to delegating some chores to friends and relatives. While delegating will bring a measure of relief, it may lead to an even bigger problem if the person a task is delegated to, fails to meet up with your expectations. For instance, the fabrics the person buys for your Asoebi turns out to be a slightly different colour from your wedding colours. Basically, it is important you try to be involved in every aspect of the planning and in areas you feel you must delegate, do so with caution.


Most people leave their wedding planning till about a few months or even weeks to the wedding and this usually leaves them feeling rushed. They end up making a lot of mistakes and they feel unfulfilled on their wedding day.


Online wedding platforms have made it possible for wedding needs to be obtained from the comfort of your home without going through the stress of moving from vendor to vendor and from stall to stall in a rather busy market..


Now would you as a wedding candidate or couple rather shop with stress and come back home each day with your perfume ruined and your clothes dirty or shop from the comfort of your home.

The choice is yours !!!!




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