We first of all thank you for your interest in working with us. Secondly, this is a straightforward process and entails simply visiting the “weddings” section, and clicking the “submit listing” option, then filling the designated boxes and submitting the form. On receipt, you’ll receive a confirmation email informing you that the submitted listing is ready to be added, as well as instructions on providing relevant info and submitting the necessary paperwork.

Once you become a customer of ours, you’ll receive a customer satisfaction survey email so that we can ensure you’ve had a great customer service experience. Your feedback matters to us and so any form of feedback, no matter how ‘trivial’ or significant it may seem, should be communicated to us so we and our partners jointly continue to work towards improving your service experience.

Additionally, we also encourage you to be proactive by emailing us at: info@moneymatters.com.ng and such contributors will also be entered into subsequent prize giveaways

The imperative for signing up is that you’ll be the first to be alerted to wedding services/packages available at a reduced/special rate, as well as periodic prize giveaways

This is straightforward and involves visiting the “weddings” section of the website. You choose the category of service(s)/product(s) you are interested in, and select the designated submission button. This submitted form will be received by our team who will subsequently email and/or call you with the different prices and you are free to make a choice as to the service provider you’ll like to work with

MM’s business model is designed to provide a large range of options. Consequently this enables the prices of all wedding services to be as competitively priced as possible, due to vendors competing on our platform for your business.

Moreover we offer many prize giveaways and rewards for continually patronising us, such as an all-expenses paid wedding and/or all-expenses paid honeymoon, to name some of a few of the different prize giveaways that we’re working on making available

An up-to-date and significant range of wedding services providers to choose from such as caterers, photographers, venues, videographers and make-up artists.  Getting married is a very important occasion which we at MM take very seriously. We see it as a responsibility to ensure that such services will cater to a wide range of different budgets and circumstances

Money Matters (MM) is a “price comparison” site which is newly launched and offers a range of different services, one of which is wedding services.